"Let us take a look at how you do things" 

Slap Consult is an audience focused consultancy with the primary aim of evaluating how your current strategy is engaging with your target audience, and how it could improve. 


  • If you don't understand your audience, how can they understand you? Let's get some insight

  • Let us talk to you about new platforms and technologies 

Brands are always looking for ways in which to improve the way they communicate with their audience.

Slap Consult is the knowledge centre of the group - we dedicate resources to exploring new and novel ways in which brands can reach their audience, be it through new technologies, new language, or adopting new trends.


It is this knowledge that allows us to effectively analyse and evaluate how your business can improve its engagement, drawing up realistic and detailed recommendations that you can implement either in house, through an existing agency, or via our own Slap Create department. 

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