"How we see the world"


We started Slap with a vision, to allow firms of all sizes, to be able to talk to their customers better.


Firms should be spending their time doing what they do best, making great products, delivering sector leading services and producing incredible experiences for their customers to enjoy.


Meanwhile we are the ones who are keeping our ears to the ground, continually looking at new marketing opportunities and methods and matching them to our diverse customer base. 


Founding Partner and Creative Director 


Above: Founding Partners Merv and Ollie,

established the business in 2016


Let's have a chat about your brand 


Slap is a London based creative group focused around working with brands wishing to develop a better understanding of their current customers, and target new segments. 

Our ecosystem of products provide a number of different services to clients, ranging from creative consultation and design to campaign development.

For brands to continue to hold and grow market share, they must seek to constantly evaluate and improve their product offering. The same is true for their demographic based marketing. The social media world can be a daunting one, keeping up with trends, new platform technologies and social themes is a constant battle, all in the name of the customer.

Slap runs a full time team dedicated to looking ahead at how brands can capitalise on utilising new social media platforms, employ data and adapt business processes to better communicate their brand's story to a wider audience. 


Mistakes in marketing cost money, and can harm a brands image and reputation, Slap’s experience in running campaigns for brands of all sizes has allowed us to gain a detailed insight

into where brands have gone wrong in the past, and how to prevent it in the future.